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Let your thoughts go back now to Ingraham High School and the year of our graduation, 1964. (some might say release date) We had all spent the past 3 years in higher learning and in further preparation for adulthood. Armed with what Ingraham had to provide, an extremely good education, we would now go on to college or out into the world to learn how things were really done.

Who shall forget their 3 years at Ingraham High School?

1964 was an important year for all of us and as important as our graduation was, our class reunions hold their own level of importance. Our reunions afford the opportunity to rekindle past friendships and make new friends. Our Web site provides you the means to keep track of our class and even find missing classmate friends.

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Our 2016 Mini-Reunion.

If you were unable to attend our mini-reunion, we now have a few pictures available for you to view.

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Treating us like royalty, the first group picture includes our 3 servers.

A few classmates managed to escape having their picture taken!!

Where is Our Class of 1964 Now?

Based on registered classmates, the majority of us are still here in Washington.

Ingraham High School 1964 Alumni Locations.

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