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Ingraham Class of 1964 February News Letter.
Your Ingraham Class of 1964 News Letter - February 2018
HAPPY Birthday!
Bill George  
Jim Hildreth  
Tom Malone  
Mary Douglas Hillman
Robert Jones  
Joanne Januszewski  
Vicki Cook Peck
John Hastings  
Nick Nelson  
Ron Urquhart  
Linda Landin  
Jan Conrad Maloney
Rich Taylor  
Pamela Mayhew Menig
Heather Brookins Davies
Clark Fryberg  
Rick Vaux  
David Johnson  
Nancy White Willis

Monthly Meetings.
Our Regular monthly class meeting is scheduled for February 8th. Come and join us, your classmates and friends.
  • 125th Street Bar and Grill
  • 125th and Aurora
  • 12:00 PM
If the main parking lot is full, drive south on Aurora and just past the old Black Angus Hotel, (about 50 feet) turn right into additional parking. It is O.K. to park there.
A BIG Thank You!
  • John Lowe
  • Ardie Sickles Johnson
For your generous $$ contribution towards the expenses in maintaining our class of 1964 Website.

Now that I'm semi-retired, I drive half way to work then turn around and come back.

Website Costs.

The monthly costs of hosting/maintaining our class website are for the most part, out of pocket expenses. These expenses, like everything else have increased considerably.
If you are able to help offset some of these expenses, contact and mailing information can be found below.

Our webmaster's mailing address is:

Michael Earp
25431 Mountain Drive - Arlington, WA 98223